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Eutelsat’s Tooway launch in Dublin

Nick Mulcahy, editor of Business Plus magazine, was at the launch of Eutelsat’s Tooway high quality satellite broadband service in Dublin. Here’s the video of the event and Nick’s interviews. Enjoy it! [youtube=]

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Back up service for mobile phones launched in Dublin


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The world is Tweeting and so should you

The world is tweeting and, from a PR point of view, so should you… Ashton Kutcher has recently become the first person to get one million followers on Twitter, or ‘Tweetmillionaire’. Let’s be honest: we don’t expect our Tweets to receive as much attention as Kutchers. A- Because we are not celebrity actors and B- We aren’t married to Demi […]

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Sarkozy’s Textual Intercourse

Sarkozy may be unique to the male species: he can multitask. When he visited the great and good in Irish Politics, he found time to text during his brief press conference. The familiar ‘text has arrived’ tinkle sounded several times during the conference and Sarkozy was unable to resist. This is not the first time he has multitasked.  Last December he did […]

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