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Do you have to get it right first time round?

In an unprecedented move (and how many times have we heard that expression before in relation to the new American president) Barack Obama has taken the Oath of Allegiance for a second time.  The same officer, one Chief Justice John Roberts, re-administered the Oath to the President in an informal ceremony in front of just seven staff and four journalists […]

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Help Your Staff To Give Up Smoking

Smokers take 7.5 Weeks Extra Leave Per Year Smoking breaks during office hours now cost the Irish economy up to €5m per day in productivity according to the Office of Tobacco Control. For every staff member who takes a smoking break every hour, a company looses over 6 hours productivity per week per smoker,” says Brenda Sweeney Director of Allen […]

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When Brands Mutate

When is a brand not a brand? When it mutates into something quite different from the original.   A classic example is that of Wartime UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  A recent poll found that one in four children in the UK thought his name, his brand, was actually that of the nodding dog in insurance adverts.  That the two […]

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