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The Big Picture

As the Electoral Campaign gets under way the streets of Ireland will be covered with quite amusing shots of the different candidates. Some of them might be funny, others could be a touch scary and a moderate percentage will be just plainly hilarious. Judging by the pictures used in the campaigns, we are amazed people still get up on Election […]

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Back up service for mobile phones launched in Dublin


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Do they need ‘Rumpy Pumpy’?

Last week, Dr. Ross Ardill became the first doctor ever to face a disciplinary inquiry by the Medical Council of Ireland open to the public. Dr. Ardill’s offence was to use inappropriate language when treating one his patients to whom he recommended getting some ‘rumpy pumpy’ to help her relax and get some sleep.      Language is one of […]

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Clever, Clever, Clever – I want that Job!

The Queensland State Government in Australia has upped the ante in creating mass awareness for its tourism push, and then topped the first campaign with a reason to push the story out even further.   The story?  The Sunshine State is looking for applicants for the best job in the world and to be fair, that’s not a bad description […]

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What Your Tie Colour Says About You

Green necktie: Creates an easy balanced ambiance. You can show your sense for harmony and stability. Men wearing green neckties are usually conventional and bounded to traditions and are usually environmentally conscious. Yellow necktie: Mostly worn by intelligent men, who like having an authoritive  position. Yellow means being interested in details and having an open spirit. Yellow is the colour […]

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Paddy Power viral marketing

  Viral marketing – the marketing strategy whereby individuals are encouraged to pass on marketing messages though largely untraditional and mostly non commercial avenues – has a mixed reputation. Its very name gives a clue to the possible sentiment it inspires – who wants to get a virus? And like a virus it can also multiple exponentially, growing rapidly through […]

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