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Our Public Relations and Marketing services include:

Practice PR can help you promote your business:

  • Assessing the newsworthiness of your business activities, find interesting stories, write and distribute press releases and much more to help you get your business out there.
  • Working with your business on a project basis or as a long-term strategy, and we can adapt our services to your budget. Request a free quote/Packages details.
  • Practice PR can also help with social media, from Twitter to You Tube, and if you need a hand with ‘other stuff’, like photography or SEO, we work with a network of fantastic professionals.

Some frequent questions about PR:

-How can I get media coverage?

PR is about sharing good news, creating stories. To get media coverage you need to identify genuine business news and distribute them, in the correct format, to media outlets and/or via your own publishing tools, such as social media networks. If you have a good idea, journalists are generally happy to hear from you.

-Does my business have interesting news?

Do you have a quirky business? Expansion plans? A big recruitment drive? You might have a few ‘newsy’ items that would be worth flagging to the media in a neatly presented press release.

-How do I write a press release?

A press release should follow a few simple rules:

1-The most important information always goes at the top of your press release (your title and the first paragraph of the release) while the background goes at the bottom.

2-A press release should always cover the basic information or ‘5 Ws’: What (happened), Who (was involved), When (it happened), Where (it took place) and Why (it happened).

3-Write a press release in third person and simple, clear language.


Looking for a few PR tips?

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We have worked with Irish and international companies, big and small, including: Infor, Sigmar Recruitment, Rathwood, Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking, Espion,, MouthWatchers, Pegasus Software, Irish Horse Welfare Trust, Tom Doyle Supplies, Zutec, Emission Zero, First Ireland, Elizabeth & Claire, Cuinneog, Tenego Partnering, Roankabin, Lionbridge, WIN WIN and many more.