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Rewarding Employees can Positively affect Your Company’s Bottom Line

While everyone agrees that happy employees are more productive employees, not all companies are prepared to invest time and money into ensuring employees are happy.  It’s a simple enough stratagem, but one which companies can ill afford to ignore, especially in these difficult times, says marketing guru James Lenehan, managing director of WIN WIN.   “Recession is an ugly word […]

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Do they need ‘Rumpy Pumpy’?

Last week, Dr. Ross Ardill became the first doctor ever to face a disciplinary inquiry by the Medical Council of Ireland open to the public. Dr. Ardill’s offence was to use inappropriate language when treating one his patients to whom he recommended getting some ‘rumpy pumpy’ to help her relax and get some sleep.      Language is one of […]

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Clever, Clever, Clever – I want that Job!

The Queensland State Government in Australia has upped the ante in creating mass awareness for its tourism push, and then topped the first campaign with a reason to push the story out even further.   The story?  The Sunshine State is looking for applicants for the best job in the world and to be fair, that’s not a bad description […]

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