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21.9 percent of all Spam received in Ireland from UK*

LetsHost SPAM Country Originator

LetsHost, one of the fastest growing Irish web hosting providers, has released figures for Spam received in Ireland for the month of September.  The top country of origin for Spam was the United Kingdom, running at 21.9percent.  The second most prolific country of origin for Spam received here was Germany, a close second at 21.1percent. 

Canada was responsible for the remainder of the Spam received in Ireland during the month of September.  As Daragh MacLoughlin, director of LetsHost comments:  “While China and North America are often cited as the countries producing the most Spam, it is interesting to see that our nearest neighbour is topping the pole for spammers into Ireland.  It is perhaps unsurprising given that much of the spam received was a form a phishing and that typically requires a certain knowledge of local financial and corporate institutions.”

  * based on a survey of incoming traffic on Lets Host Servers.  Lets Host is one of the leading Irish hosting companies, with the largest number of dot ie registrations year on year.

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