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7 tips for good PR photography

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1-Picture This
You might think having a press photograph to support your release is not that important, but Irish journalists and editors will disagree. If your release doesn’t have a picture, chances of ending up in the bin are much higher.

2-Stock photography
Supply the journalist with original material. Stock photography might work for some of your marketing material but it is rarely used by the Irish press – unless it is sourced by their own picture editors.

3-Quality and not Quantity
Having various shots to let the picture editor choose from is always positive. However, the most important factor is the quality of the shots. They must be high resolution for print publications and the shot must look professional. This of it from a newspapers reader point of view: Is your photograph something you would see printed in a paper? If the answer is no, then journalists will probably agree.

Looking professional doesn’t mean wearing a suit, but looking appropriate for the nature of the story and your role. If you are a baker or a chef, a suit might not be the most suitable attire for your PR photographs.

5- Adapt to the medium
You will need different style of photography depending on the type of story, and sometimes even the type of publication. For example, if you are sending an appointment announcement to the business pages, you will need a head and shoulders type of shot; but if you are sending a story to a feature writer, you will need an ‘environmental shot’, where people are interacting or posing in a certain ‘environment’. For example, a kitchen or a restaurant would be a good environment for the chef’s shots.

6-Be creative
As a rule of thumb, better pictures have better chances of being used by publications. Be creative as far as your story and business allows it. Shaking hands will do the job for business stories but will not make front page news.

7-Get the professionals to help
These are good guidelines if you are doing your own photography inhouse but if you doubt of your photographic skills, get the professionals to assist you.

We hope you found this helpful, remember the aim of both a good release and a good photograph is to help you show the journalist the quality of your story.

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