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Anne Brady McQuillans DFK invests in tailored private cloud by Novosco – Press Release

Zero Capital Costs, Peace of Mind plus Application Mobility

Eddie O'Rourke from Novosco with Anne Brady Chartered accountants and business consultants Anne Brady McQuillans DFK has moved all key applications and data into the cloud using Novosco’s tailored private cloud service CloudStream™ Apps. The firm’s key applications are now delivered securely over the Internet, eliminating the need for servers, backups and all associated complications.

The company expects to save in the region of €2,000 per year by moving to CloudStream™ Apps, as well as converting potential capital investment in rapidly decreasing assets to a lower ongoing operating expense. Other less easily quantifiable benefits include: no more local backups, all data in a single location, access to files from anywhere with an internet connection, extended life of PC equipment and allowing staff to use their own devices.

Anne Brady McQuillans DFK is a progressive and growing firm of chartered accountants and business consultants. The firm has two partners, Anne Brady and Natalie Kelly, a management team of 5 and 25 employees. Anne Brady McQuillans DFK is a member firm of DFK International, a top 10 international association of independent accounting firms and business advisers.

 “We have been extremely impressed with the Novosco service and with how well our applications are performing,” remarked Anne Brady, Senior Partner. “For our business there are a few reasons why this cloud solution is attractive to us. Firstly, it removes our dependency on local servers and having to use certain PC devices at certain locations. Our staff can now securely access the applications and data they need from anywhere, anytime and using virtually any device. Another major benefit was the reduction in the cost of acquiring and maintaining our IT systems. By moving to this service, we have replaced a potentially large upfront capital spend with a smaller monthly operating expense.”

Eddie O’Rourke, Sales Director with Novosco, points out the value of the service for the wider private sector marketplace: “Novosco’s CloudStream™ Apps service allows customers to get up and running quickly, without the need for any capital investment.  This is the case for new or existing applications.  This is attractive from a cashflow and expenditure point of view but more importantly, it provides a consistent and predictable mechanism for managing your IT costs. This brings some comfort at a time when businesses in Ireland are looking to further reduce and more efficiently manage their costs”.

O’Rourke goes on to explain how this approach is possible: “Novosco have made the investment in fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure so that our customers don’t have to. Our customers’ virtualised applications and data reside inside state of the art data centres, making both the physical systems and the surrounding environment completely resilient. It also means that our customers have one less headache when it comes to disaster recovery, as they can securely access their applications and data from any location over the Internet.”

He continues: “Probably the biggest difference between our cloud service and other offerings is that we manage the entire transition process to the cloud so that the end user does not have to worry about the moving process or the technology required to make it all possible. We also believe that it is vital for any cloud service to offer comprehensive service level guarantees.  Our objective is not just to drive down the cost of IT but also to improve performance, reliability and security.”

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