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Cheaters can’t be winners

This week, the Formula 1 Renault team got away with a reprimand and a slap on the wrist by the International Automobile Federation, who gave the Renault team a two-year suspended ban for race-fixing at last season’s Singapore Grand Prix.
renault formula 1It has been discovered that Renault convinced driver Nelson Piquet Jnr to intentionally crash during the Singapore race to secure the victory of his Renault teammate, Fernando Alonso.
While the people involved in the plot of this sport drama have been fired and banned, the Renault team itself has got away leniently, suggesting money does the talk in the world of Formula 1 – as the sport couldn’t afford loosing Renault.
The verdict comes to show that, unfortunately, cheaters can sometimes be winners. However, in PR terms, no matter how Renault has tried to clean up its act, its reputation is greatly damaged. And, as a result of the light punishment, so is the whole of Formula 1 as a sport.

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