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Do you want to try Mouth Watchers for free? then #brushandtell


Mouth Watchers is a revolutionary toothbrush now available in Ireland, thanks to Dublin entrepreneur John McKiernan. The toothbrushes use nano silver which means bacteria and germs don’t grow on Mouth Watchers toothbrushes. This is pretty important for oral health and general well being since your average toothbrush sitting in your bathroom for weeks is a breeding ground for bacteria and potentially harmful to your health.

Mouth Watchers Europe is launching #brushandtell on Twitter and Facebook, so you can try this cutting edge toothbrush for free, in exchange for a bit of feedback! there are also a few vouchers to give away among the best Mouth Watchers experience. It can be text, images or video (like this one from Emer in Wicklow) and it can be sent via Twitter or Facebook.

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