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Good Job, Steve

We have to give it to Steve Jobs and the Apple marketing machine on their success building the iPhone brand and turning it into a world-wide craze.

On Friday 30th July, ignoring any bad publicity surrounding the launch in other countries (mainly technical glitches resulting in bad reception), people queued outside shops around Ireland to be the first ones in the country to get their hands on an iPhone 4 – the latest must-have gadget.

Ireland’s iPhone D-Day was also the release date on other 16 countries such as Canada, Spain and New Zealand, where similar scenes of frenzied shopping took place.

While official sales figures in the Republic haven’t been released yet, press reports suggest handsets (negative publicity and all) sold out in a just few hours. With Apple fans tweeting and facebooking the praises of the new iPhone, it is clear the loyal following-base of Apple is only expanding and, despite not handling criticism of his new star-gadget terribly well, nobody does the job quite as well as Steve.

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