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Googling your way up

According to a recent study by the National E-learning Laboratory, Google users pay no attention to Google ads and are mostly interested in the first three results of the search.
The findings reveal the growing importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for business PR and Marketing purposes. In order to improve your chances of being ‘found’ by potential customers researching online, your site needs to be appropriately optimised.
These are three basic elements to consider when optimising your website and increase online visibility for your business:
Think from your customers’ point of view to choose the right keywords. What are they likely to type in Google when looking for the services you offer?
Your site must be not only well structured but content used should be relevant and related to the keywords you are submitting as a description of your site.
Link your site to and from other relevant sites/blogs, to show search engines you are being proactive.
*This is a very basic outline. Practice PR can help you with website SEO so please contact us on 0539429676 if you would like to make your website more visible to new customers.

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