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IHWT Launches Horse and Pony Care booklet for Dublin City Council

Irish Horse Welfare Trust ambassador Moscow FlyerPress Release – Irish horse charity Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT) has designed and launched a new Horse and Pony Care booklet for Dublin City Council (DCC). Print editions of the booklet will be delivered to local schools in Dublin’s inner city area and libraries in the coming weeks.   It is also to be made available online on the IHWT website. Dublin City Council has printed this IHWT booklet to further address neglect of equines within their area.

This educational booklet is designed to assist Dublin City Council as a practical and cost effective means for  DCC to deliver some form of targeted horse care to those with an interest in horses and ponies in their area.

The IHWT Horse and Pony Care booklet offers comprehensive guidelines from how to condition score a horse or pony, to feeding management, worming, rain scald and much more, with plenty of pictures to show how certain conditions present in the animal.

“A important aspect of our work, is to communicate and deliver the message of Equine Welfare .  The goal is to reach out to those that are not linked into any formal horse society or club,” explains Sharon Newsome, co-founder of the charity.

By placing this information within communities, Dublin County Council and IHWT can help those with horses and ponies in city areas, access basic routine horse management techniques.

“We were very keen to stick to the very basics with this first edition,” says Newsome. And working collaboratively with Dublin County Council on this project has been very positive.”

Dublin City Council have also agreed to fund an education project in the Dublin area for young people interested in career opportunities working with horses.

Should other County Councils or government agencies wish to avail of such initiatives for their areas; the booklet can be tailored accordingly and the IHWT is happy to advise on all aspects of managing horse welfare issues.

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