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Impersonators, Twitter and is that Steve Jobs?

Across the Irish channel, Tory MP Peter Bone is asking micro-blogging site Twitter to identify fake accounts set up by impersonators pretending to be celebrities.

Mr Bone has his own personal reasons to ask for the introduction of Twitter-purity measures, as a ‘Ms Bone’ is quickly gathering followers on Twitter by posing as the MP’s wife.

The MP has famously used his wife as a ‘rhetoric tool’, asking questions in the Commons on behalf of his wife, turning her into the voice of the people. While Mr Bone is worried the pranksters might go too far with the joke, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, since he has been the one putting his wife’s figure in the public eye in the first place.

From Jesus to Queen Elizabeth, the phenomenon of fake celebrity Twitter accounts is not new and can, sometimes, be quite entertaining. However, we agree a certain ‘identity control’ to guarantee the authenticity of the authors is needed, especially since Twitter is increasingly being used as a research tool and source of news stories. We all realise whoever is tweeting from the Jesus account is not the real thing but it might take a bit longer to discover who the real Ms Bone is.

In the meantime, a viral video featuring a Steve Jobs lookalike selling a tea drink is doing the rounds on the net. We are wondering what the real Jobs thinks of it…


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