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Infor Introduces Family of Intelligent, Decision-Making Software Modules



Built on Interaction Advisor, Infor CRM Epiphany E-Mail Advisor Helps Increase Click-Through Rates and Marketing Campaign Effectiveness


 Infor has announced its Advisor family of decision-making modules built upon its successful Infor CRM Epiphany Interaction Advisor software. The first module, Infor CRM Epiphany E-mail Advisor, enables marketers to drive incremental revenue and improve customer retention and loyalty with dynamic, intelligent e-mails that leverage customer information and behavior patterns. E-mail Advisor is at the forefront of e-mail marketing by determining which customer attributes are most predictive of offer acceptance and automatically adjusting targeting for all successive e-mails, including successive openings of the same e-mail accordingly. Initial pilot programs of E-mail Advisor have produced increased click-through rates as high as 50%.



  • The decision engine that drives Infor’s leading CRM Epiphany Interaction Advisor to collect, analyze and deliver relevant customer data to users provides the underlying technology for Infor’s family of Advisor modules.
  • Infor CRM Epiphany E-Mail Advisor is the first release in a series of Epiphany modules optimized in specific verticals.
  • Infor CRM Epiphany E-mail Advisor uses the Interaction Advisor decision engine to populate every e-mail with the most relevant offers to ensure a highly personalized and advantageous e-mail experience.
  • Pilot programs for E-mail Advisor have shown an increase as high as 50% in click-through rates, which according to the 2009 Forrester report, “The ROI of Email Relevance,” is the most widely used customer data metric for companies’ e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • As customers accept and decline offers, E-mail Advisor’s self-learning engine adjusts targeting for all subsequent e-mails and e-mail openings to maximize campaign effectiveness and results.
  • With E-mail Advisor, high-performing content stands out with higher display and click-through rates, while poorer performing content gets displayed less often, enabling marketers to use real-time insight to deliver more relevant content and increase campaign success.
  • E-mail Advisor is built on an open architecture, making it easy to deploy with any e-mail delivery solution as well as other CRM solutions for a more strategic approach to e-mail marketing.
  • The solution is deployable across multiple, distributed servers, providing maximum scalability and reliability to support growth.


What Ventana Research Says

“Infor’s Interaction Advisor enables companies to go beyond the confines of traditional customer relationship management, making it possible for them to integrate behavioral and profile data to improve a customer’s experience,” said Richard Snow, global VP and research director, Ventana Research. “Infor has created a cutting-edge intelligent e-mail marketing solution by applying the decision-making technology of Interaction Advisor to e-mail, further strengthening the company’s position as one of the leaders in customer experience management.” 


What We Say

“E-mail campaigns using static and predefined simple market segmentation are ineffective at generating high responses from customers or increasing click-through rates,” said Jackie Palmer, senior product manager, CRM, Infor. “Infor CRM Epiphany E-mail Advisor enables marketers to leverage individual customer behavior patterns to deliver relevant content and drive campaigns that build stronger relationships with customers and increase revenue.”


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