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Infor SCM Demand Planning 6.4 Increases Visibility into Downstream Demand

New Version Helps Demand Planners Tame Variability, Increase Productivity, and Seize Revenue Opportunities In Rebound

Infor, a leading provider of business software, today announced Infor SCM Demand Planning 6.4, part of the complete Infor Supply Chain Management suite, is now available for demand planners. Built to provide visibility into downstream demand, Demand Planning 6.4 helps businesses increase forecasting accuracy and feed more information into the demand planning process. This allows them to reduce inventory investment through more accurate predictions of customer demand, enabling heightened productivity, improved customer service and more revenue opportunities as the economy rebounds. 



  • Infor SCM Demand Planning 6.4 allows companies to increase productivity and more accurately predict and influence customer demand to seize new revenue opportunities. 
  • New features help planners better engage sales and marketing in the forecasting process, and suppliers in the ordering process, leading to more accurate and predictable demand and supply plans.
  • Advanced statistical capabilities combined with market knowledge gleaned from internal and external data collaboration bring pinpoint accuracy to demand plans for a single, global view of the “truth.” This enables companies to keep inventory levels at a minimum with reduced obsolescence that offers higher customer service for the most profitable products to increase margins.    
  • Demand Planning 6.4 can be implemented at a single site or centrally to manage a global demand plan with multiple channels to market.
  • Demand Planning 6.4 enhancements include:
    • High Volume Forecast Coordination – EditGrid gives demand planners the ability to edit many forecasts quickly in daily, weekly or monthly buckets based on input from key stakeholders. Changes can be rapidly made to individual and multiple periods as well as multiple products simultaneously. 
    • Data Visibility and Collaboration – New Excel options encourage continuous collaboration throughout the requirements planning process. For example, this allows companies to provide current orders to suppliers who update critical information, and these changes are fed back into the system for more accurate supply plans.

”We are thrilled with Demand Planning 6.4, as new functionality is allowing us to quickly and easily transfer data throughout the requirements planning process and get visibility into relevant information through multiple workstreams,” said Brian Johnson, inventory planning manager, Quality Bicycle Products. “This has led to increased communication between suppliers and partners that is continuously improving our business productivity.” 

“As the economy and global demand improves, tectonic changes are occurring in supply chain management that are moving supply chain planning to a top line revenue driver,” said Alan Lindsay, senior product manager, Supply Chain Management, Infor. “Supply chain officers and demand planners focusing on both planning and execution will be best equipped to adapt to the variability in today’s supply chain and seize growth opportunities.”

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