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Infor Takes Business On-the-Move with Innovative Mobile Platform

Infor10 Motion™, Including Infor10 Road Warrior™ and ION ActivityDeck™, Provides Faster, Easier and More Consistent Mobile Access to Business Applications 

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today unveiled Infor10 Motion, the company’s unique, cloud-based mobile platform built on the powerful Infor10 ION integration framework. Infor10 Motion applications provide fast, reliable connections to back office systems regardless of location through smartphones and tablets, such as iPhone and iPad, to accelerate productivity and help users work smarter and faster. Differentiated from complex and convoluted mobile platforms, Infor10 Motion provides a consistent user experience, a loosely coupled architecture, and a simple and easy process for deployment.

Infor has immediately made available two applications, Infor10 Road Warrior, a mobile CRM application with embedded business intelligence, and Infor ION ActivityDeck, which allows users to respond to important tasks, receive real-time alerts, and approve pending requests.

“To keep up with the increasingly mobile world, companies need to empower their workforce with tools to stay informed and take action from anywhere,” said Duncan Angove, president, Products and Support, Infor. “Infor10 Motion breaks down the four walls of the office, bringing it to where your customers do business – on the road, at the airport, wherever the opportunity exists. Infor is changing the way our software is used and managed by providing mobile development tools and foundation services that enable our customers to use mobile applications, like Infor10 Road Warrior, across the extended enterprise.”

The Infor10 Motion Platform

Infor10 Motion is built with a loosely coupled architecture on the Infor10 ION framework, meaning that Infor10 Motion applications can plug into different back office systems such as ERP, CRM, Expense Management or Supply Chain Management. Unlike the tightly packaged solutions in the market today, which often require customers to buy more products in the hope of extending solutions, Infor10 Motion provides native, rich applications that leverage the data that already exists in enterprise deployments. Security is built into Infor10 Motion to help address the threat of theft and data loss and enable customers to retain control over critical business data.

Infor10 Motion applications leverage the familiar, simple and intuitive ways that users are already accustomed to interacting with their smart devices, allowing them to work and act faster. This includes taking into account differences between devices such as tablets vs. smartphones. Because it is core product independent, Infor10 Motion is able to adopt a consistent user experience across back office applications.

Infor10 Motion applications are further differentiated by being “app aware,” which enhances the user experience by detecting when another app on the device could provide additional functionality, including consumer apps that would work in the context of the enterprise. An example of this is Infor10 Road Warrior, which incorporates Skype and FaceTime within a customer’s contact record so sales personnel can move seamlessly into consumer collaboration tools with their customers.

Infor10 Motion is cloud-based, which uniquely simplifies the way customers can deploy and adopt the platform. The Infor10 Motion App Manager (IMAM) provides a single location for companies to deploy Infor10 Motion applications quickly within their existing IT infrastructure, unlike other mobile platforms which require an add-on solution to centralize the effort of multiple deployments. Once a company has gained access to IMAM, they are ready to begin using Infor10 Motion applications. IMAM also allows managers to determine which users have access to specific information, and the capability to change those settings at any point.

Infor10 Road Warrior and Infor ION ActivityDeck

Infor10 Road Warrior empowers sales productivity by sending mobile alerts, approvals and tasks, allowing users to make decisions faster, turning what was previously considered down-time into a tool to outpace the competition. This connectivity is coupled with embedded business intelligence to provide an overview of data-heavy screens, helping users make sense of data more rapidly, highlight problems at a glance, and compare current and historical order volume, reducing the amount of time spent searching for information. Additionally, integrating with consumer apps like Skype and FaceTime helps Infor10 Road Warrior users better collaborate and communicate with their customers.

Infor ION ActivityDeck helps solve the critical problems that arise when users are on the road and have no visibility into pressing issues going on in the background. ION ActivityDeck provides users the ability to remain connected to the back office so they are able to respond to important tasks, receive real-time alerts, and approve pending requests, keeping business in motion. Similar in function to Twitter, ION ActivityDeck provides the ability to define filters based on most anything, helping users answer questions and take action before they become issues.

Infor10 Road Warrior and Infor ION ActivityDeck are available for secure installation through the Apple iTunes Store. Additional Infor10 Motion applications are expected this year to serve a variety of critical office functions such as creating orders or quotes, approving expense reports, and reviewing key business metrics from anywhere.


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