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Irish Horse Welfare Trust launches WELFARE AWARE ethical stamp

Ireland’s horse charity, the Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT), has launched the first ever equine ethical stamp, WELFARE AWARE, aimed at the racing, equestrian and corporate related community in Ireland.   

The ethical stamp will raise much-needed funds for the IHWT rescue, and re-training & re-homing programmes, while giving businesses in the equine industry a chance to communicate to partners and customers that they support the ethical message of the IHWT for a cost of just €21 per month (€250 per year)

The campaign was unveiled at The Mansion House’s Oak Room, courtesy of the Lord Mayor of Dublin and The Buttery Café. The new IHWT website and an especially filmed video featured to promote the new Welfare Aware Logo were also presented.  Video footage includes scenes from Ireland ‘Land of the Horse’ but also reflects the equine welfare crisis.  The film was made and produced by “We Film you Productions” in conjunction with “Horsebox TV” and features many well know celebrity faces voicing their support. 

The concept of the WELFARE AWARE comes as a result of the equine welfare crisis suffered in recent times in Ireland. IHWT is the leading equine welfare charity in Ireland operating from its farm in Woodenbridge, Co. Wicklow which operates constantly at full capacity.

“We have a world class equine industry in Ireland but we are in the worst welfare crisis in the history of the state. IHWT’s work and campaigning focuses on equine welfare but also Ireland has a crucial role in continuing to preserve its world class equine reputation,” says Sharon Newsome, co-founder of IHWT. “We can only do this with the continuous support of all those working, training, selling, manufacturing in the racing and equestrian sectors. Together, we will be Welfare Aware.”

The membership is a voluntary scheme, with several benefits to supporting members. The ethical logo is not an endorsement. The participants in the Welfare Aware Scheme will be included in an Open Welfare Register on the IHWT revamped website Each stamp will have its own individual licence number to preserve the integrity of its use and to ensure that this ethical label is not abused. Supporters will also receive a pack containing a certificate and window sticker.

“As Island of the horse, all of us who work in the industry realise and accept that problems do occur, such as welfare cases, and there is a need for the range of work the IHWT provides. The Welfare Aware ethical logo allows member to display the fact that they are participating and working with the charity, which is valuable both as part of their corporate social responsibility and as a marketing tool. It also allows for the industry to give back in an affordable manner,” adds Newsome.

Horse Sport Ireland, Horse Racing Ireland (HRI), Weatherbys Ireland, Horseware Ireland & Botanica are among the first of many to sign up for the Welfare Aware Initiative.

*Join the Welfare Aware community today and help IHWT deliver a positive impact for your business while delivering for equine Welfare. The cost is €250 per annum for Trade and Corporate Membership or €21 euro per month

*Picture by Joanne Murphy


Irish Horse Welfare Trust from Neal Walsh on Vimeo.

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