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Irish Songwriter teams with David O’Connor

Irish Songwriter teams with David O’Connor

Original Song topped chart on popular Nashville demo website

Limerick-based songwriter, Fran Stone, has teamed with RTE’s You’re a Star Wexford tenor, David O’Connor to produce an Irish recording of her Nashville topping single.

Stone, whose daytime job is an equine/human chiropractor, has been writing songs for many years. In August 2011 she arranged for four songs to be recorded as demos inNashville. She then posted two of them on the popular Nashville songwriters site, Her first single, Hero of Your Story, went platinum in just four days and hit number one in week two, a position it still holds five months later. Her second song is rated at number two. There are more than 1500 songs on the website and it is used by both aspiring writers and record labels to match songs and artists. Stone was offered a Nashville recording contract but declined, preferring instead to give O’Connor first refusal.

“When David first won the RTE singing contest You’re a Star in 2008 and won a recording contract with Universal, he still took time out to come and sing at a charity concert I produced in the tiny village of Ardpatrick that

Hero of Your Story, David O'Connor

Christmas. This is my thank you to him for his kindness then,” said Stone.

O’Connor,, is relaunching his professional singing career after a hiatus of three years. During that time, he ran a secondary career as a racehorse trainer. Despite some initial success, ill health and the recession stopped both careers.

This Christmas however, he has begun recording again and is relaunching his career. O’Connor said of the collaboration. “Fran and I share a love of all things equine and I was more than happy to sing at her concert that Christmas. I love this song, it’s outside my normal genre but I love to stretch myself and try new forms. It’s a privilege to be asked to record it and I hope people like.”

Hero of Your Story  is available for purchase at for 99cent.


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