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Is it too early for Christmas?

The last trick-or-treaters were just back home counting their goodies. The spooky make up hadn’t been washed off properly yet. Pumpkin pie leftovers hadn’t been eaten and the carved pumpkin wasn’t even remotely starting to shrivel up. Yet Santa suddenly appeared on TV, telling witches to move over, it’s my turn now and the festive season is about to begin. On 1st November? It looks like the run up to Christmas has stretched as much as it was remotely acceptable.

Or has it? Some supermarkets were stocking Santa-shaped chocolates in late September. We are picturing the Halloween fancy dress party of 2020: a bunch of Santas trick and treating with vampires and zombies; 31st October just another date on the Christmas calendar, extending for two months.

No matter what shop windows and TV ads say: 1st November is too early to switch our Christmas lights on. However, from a PR point of view, most monthly publications already have their December issue sent to the printer. If you want to get into Christmas supplements or into the papers with a Christmas theme, you need to get in touch with PPR asap as you already have nearly missed the sleigh! Now when’s Easter?

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