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MCD centralises multiple websites on LetsHost platform

MCD, the leading Irish music promotions company, has centralised its entire array of corporate and event websites onto the LetsHost hosting platform.  The array of websites, which includes corporate MCD and the Dublin venue Academy website as well as festival websites such as Oxygen and Bulmers Comedy Festival, were migrated in Month to a single server platform with LetsHost away from multiple vendors and different physical locations. 

Shonagh Hurley, website production manager with MCD, welcomes the new service offered by LetsHost.  “Our collection of websites had grown over time and were hosted with many different providers.  We needed to centralise these websites onto a single server for security and ease of management.  We sought recommendations from peer companies and LetsHost was at the top of the bill.”

LetsHost assessed MCD’s requirements and opted for a scalable dedicated server solution with significant resources to service MCD’s flagship site. The solution had emphasis on speed, high availability and continuous backup of data.

Hurley reviewed the LetsHost solution and was happy to proceed based on a number of positives including the user interface offered by LetsHost, the fact LetsHost is an Irish company and the high standards offered by the company.  Competitive rates were also a further compelling reason to choose the LetsHost service according to Hurley.

Once the migration was complete, Hurley has supervised the ongoing service.  Again LetsHost has offered more than might be expected.  “When our Oxygen site went live earlier in the year, the huge traffic jump caused performance issues.  Luckily for us LetsHost was able to install new software to speed up the sites and as a result our customers were able to access the information they needed and quickly,” she says.

“Every time we have called or emailed them, they answer very quickly, even if our emails are sent in the middle of the night,” says Hurley.  “Our customers access our sites 24×7 and so we need a partner that works along similar lines.  The LetsHost team has proven to be very flexible and responsive to all our demands.”

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