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Moy Park to Cut Purchasing Costs and Boost Productivity with Infor

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that poultry processing leader MoyParkhas deployed Infor10 EAM Enterprise.  The enterprise asset management solution is set to go live across 13 sites, helping to reduce production downtime and purchasing costs, boost productivity and deliver better financial control.


  • Moy Park Ltd isNorthern Ireland’s largest food processing company, employing over 8,500 people.
  • EAM Enterprise will initially be deployed to manage all non-inventory assets, valued at a total of approximately £17,000,000.
  • The solution will be rolled out across 13 sites inNorthern Ireland,England,Wales,Scotland,France, and The Netherlands by June 2012.
  • MoyParkpreviously used Infor EAM MP2 in a few sites, but will upgrade to EAM Enterprise to deliver greater consistency across all international operations, and support rapid growth.
  • With over 20 years of enterprise asset management experience built in, EAM Enterprise embraces the procurement, finance, inventory, and equipment maintenance functions atMoyPark.
  • EAM Enterprise will help deliver an improved analysis of the engineering department’s spending.  This will also help to measure suppliers’ performance; cutting the costs of procurement for the business; and further streamlining purchasing processes.
  • The solution will increase the efficiency of maintenance by improving the analysis and reporting of asset condition by symptom, the reason for failure and work order type.  This will enable the engineering department to reduce downtime by better scheduling proactive maintenance.
  • EAM Enterprise will help deliver more effective system reporting; better system management; superior user control and a more open interface to other systems thatMoyParkplans to deploy.
  • MoyParkalso plans to implement Infor10 EAM Asset Sustainability in the future in order to reduce energy consumption throughout the business.


“We are ever mindful that in a sector as global as ours, there is always someone ready to take advantage if we don’t stay ahead in every respect of our operation,” said Conor Thompson, IS programme manager, Moy Park Ltd.  “As part of our drive to have the best production facilities in the world, our use of Infor10 EAM Enterprise will help MoyParkkeep its edge over the competition.”


“Keeping a constant watch on asset condition and performance, evaluating data to find key trends and anomalies, forecasting performance concerns, and making decisions that drive action are the hallmarks of an asset management strategy that gets business done faster,” said Grahame Done, global product marketing director for EAM, Infor.


“Through applying Infor10 EAM Enterprise across finance, procurement, IS and engineering departments,MoyParkis set to achieve a significant ROI and a wide range of operational benefits. Less downtime, streamlined procurement and better integration to other systems mean that Infor10 will helpMoyParkmaintain its competitive advantage with speed as well as scale.”

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