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National Equine Council of Ireland to be created to tackle equine welfare

Irish Horse Welfare Trust hosts first national equine welfare seminar

Irish Horse Welfare Trust equine welfare seminar DublinPress Release – IHWT hosted the first national equine welfare seminar and workshop this week, sponsored by BETFAIR. The seminar brought members from DAFF, County Councils, welfare agencies, DVO’s and equine industry bodies together to listen and engage on the issues pertaining to Equine Welfare.

Participants were invited to express their interest in engaging and working as a task force or participating in the formation of a National Equine Welfare Council of Ireland (NEWCI).

Sharon Newsome, from IHWT, explains “It is hoped that representatives will be drawn from key welfare agencies, Industry bodies, government bodies and other interested parties and will be chaired independently of the IHWT.”

The key functions of the NEWCI would include the implementation of management equine plans in problem areas, and critical changes for equine welfare inIreland.

“All agencies recognise that by working together, sharing information, and using a wealth of cross industry experience and knowledge effective long term planning of welfare strategy can happen much more effectively,” she adds.

The seminar was chaired by Leo Powell of the Irish Field, whose professional contribution was greatly welcomed and enjoyed by the participants.

Newsome said “We were very pleased with the attendance at the seminar which reflects the level and commitment to equine welfare and we are extremely grateful to Betfair for sponsoring this important event.”

Speakers on the day included, Andrew Doyle, TD, Michael O Hagan HRI, Damian McDonald Chief Executive of HSI, Barbra Bent ISPCA, Fingal Co Co and IHWT.  Each speaker gave the participants an overview on a diverse range of topics relevant to the issues with regard to equine welfare.

It was envisaged that the workshop be a first stepping stone in moving forward in a co-ordinated effort for horse welfare inIreland.

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