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New elves graduate at Rathwood!

elves graduate at Rathwood45 new elves have graduated from ‘ElfSchool’ at Rathwood, just in time for the arrival of Santa to his Co. Carlow retreat.


The elf graduates were pictured with Santa’s new sleigh at Rathwood, ready to start work this Saturday 19th November. Head elves, accounting elves, Ms Claus’ assistants and entertainment elves all passed their exams, including ‘Elf and Safety’, with flying colours.


“All the new elves are fantastic, enthusiastic and friendly,” says James Keogh, director at Rathwood, possibly the biggest employer of elves in the country. “They all did very well in their elf exams and they are all ready to welcome Santa this Saturday.”


Last year, 28,000 people visited Santa’s retreat at Rathwood.

Rathwood’s Santa Train starts this Saturday 19th November.

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