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No business like snow business

The weather has been our main preocupation as a nation for the past few weeks. First it was ‘fingers crossed we’ll have a white Christmas’; by the end of the year we were still loving the unusual Winter Wonderland and then, when everybody had to get back to work on treacherous road conditions, it was just too much for the nation to bear… In the meantime, the snow kept other pressing issues at the back of everybody’s agendas: who remembered the recession? and the budget?  

The ‘big freeze’ has been, in general, a blessing to the government, a blissful spell of peace and quiet: no mention of Spartan budgets, mortgage arrears or NAMA.

It was until the councils ran out of grit, the Minister for Transport forgot to come back from sunny Malta to face the chill, and we all needed someone to blame for the inconvenience. Now it all seems to be getting back to normal: back to work and back to the economy, but politicians can thank the snow they had a lovely, white and peaceful Christmas.

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