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Paddy’s Day

Shamrocks will spring, rivers will turn green and leprechauns of all sizes will get out for the day in Dublin, Sydney, Berlin and New York.

Yep, Saint Patrick’s Day is here again and, tacky gimmicks aside, we can’t deny it is the biggest and most far reaching publicity campaign for the country – besides it is free and it comes around every year!

We can’t think of any other national holiday that is celebrated by people of different nationalities and religions the world over. Ireland will be celebrated this weekend: from pubs in the Canaries to the White House.

In the States, Burger King will have free fries and green ketchup (St. Paddy’s sauce) for customers this weekend and Ellen DeGeneres has launched an Irish Dance Dare getting people to Irish dance at strangers, film it and post it on You Tube.

You might dislike leprechauns and their pot of gold but the value of this ‘feel good’ projection of Ireland internationally, is of such value for tourism and the promotion of  ‘Brand Ireland’ abroad that it is impossible to quantify. It is so huge, no marketing department could afford to pay for it.

This Saturday, we are ironing our green shirts and wearing our best smile. And maybe doing a bit of jigging to strangers too. Happy Paddy’s Day


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