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Pictures from Dunsink Horse Club Awards Night

The editor and photographer at Gazette Newspapers Group have kindly shared these shots of the Dunsink Horse Club Awards Night in Dublin.

Horse charity Irish Horse Welfare Trust recently organised the ceremony  in recognition of achievements of the horse owners who participated in a  FETAC course run by the charity to learn horse-keeping skills, many of which passed with merit or distinction.  The event took place in the Civic offices of Fingal Co. Council.  Robert Hall – TV racing correspondent acted as MC for the event.  

The draft architects drawings for the envisaged Dunsink Horse Club Equine Centre were on display at the awards ceremony.  Actor Anthony Head and his partner Sarah Fisher  who co sponsored this course, both took time out from their busy schedules, to visit Dunsink Horse Club during the day to see the progress of the horses and ponies, and attended the awards ceremony later that evening, pledging another generous donation to help run another Fetac course for the Dunsink Horse Club.

As part of the tong term Equine Management Plan initiated back in February by IHWT and Fingal, the provision of education regarding management and welfare of equines was a critical factor for the long-term improvement of equine welfare on the Dusink landfill. 

Ruairi O’Dulaig of Fingal County Council explains: “All the children and young adults who participated in this course were fully engaged in learning.  Lesley Jones, IHWT trainer, and Sharon Newsome co founder and director of IHWT, ran the Fetac accredited course for 14 weeks which involved both classroom and practical sessions.  “Some participants have never completed a formal exam in their lives so this is a huge achievement for them.  We are very proud of them all,” says Sharon Newsome of the IHWT. 

If you would like to make a donation or assist in sponsoring these courses please do get in touch with  or go on line to .

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