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PPR’s New Web Cast Service

Video sharing on the internet is becoming HUGE. However, not many companies in Ireland are using it as a way of promoting their business or services online… yet.  This is the time to jump on the band wagon before everyone else does. By doing so, the videos promoting your business will rank on top for longer as they will be more established. It is like discovering the power of websites before everyone else did!

What we do:

Go to your premises or site and take a mix of video shots of your products and/or interview you about your services.

  • Edit the shots down to a video and/or a selection of videos of about two minutes, including voice over, music and text introductions where needed.
  • Do SEO work in the background to help search engines identify your services
  • Upload the final result to You Tube and similar video sharing sites.

What would PPR Web Cast do for me?

Let’s take a driving instruction business in Wexford as an example.  We would suggest doing a few short clips such as: how to do a three point turn, tips to passing your driving test, how to drive around a roundabout, what road signs mean in Ireland.  

We could also do: How to check the oil in your car, how to change a flat tyre – while these are not directly promoting driving instruction, they are something internet users would Google for and watch, pushing the business up the rankings. So when someone does search online for ‘driving instructor in Wexford’, that driving instructor is there, in person, on video giving expert instruction on car ownership.

Links to the videos can be made from your website and you can upload the videos onto your blog.

Does it Work?

Do a search for ‘wedding Decoration Wexford’ and the video we did of Little Idea a wedding shop in Wexford comes up number one, ahead of their website and of their competitors websites.

Google ‘Renewable Energy Centre Ireland’ and the video we did of the Fern Green Centre comes in at number 1. It achieved the number 1 slot within 24 hours of being uploaded. If you are less specific and search for ‘renewable energy centre Ireland’ it still comes up on the front page – Not bad for 24 hours!

Google LOVES video at the moment and ranks them high so don’t miss the boat!

How much does it cost?

We are doing an introductory offer of €450 (plus VAT) for businesses based in Leinster for the full package. As there is about a day and a half of work in each video this is an extremely low price at the moment.

To view some of the videos we’ve done to date see:

Give us a call if you would like PPR to come up with some ideas of how this would work for your business.

Cast Your Web with PPR Webcasts and catch potential customers flying by!

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