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Relax and Be

relax and beWhat can I do to the make things better for myself and for my business?’ In an attempt to find the answer, lots of us are busy ‘Do-ing’ -worrying, not sleeping, getting stressed, tense. All of which proceeds to engulf us in both our personal and business lives.
This Do-ing would be worthwhile if it would make every-thing right again. A healthy balance is the key. After all, we are called Human Beings, not Human Do-ings!
To do our best, we must be up to our best and to be up to our best we need to take time to ‘be’ as well as to ‘do’.
The Biz Clinic is running Relax & Be Workshops in June and July for business professionals. This relaxing beneficial day aims to  restore your energy and teach you  skills which you can use continuously to retain those energy levels and to reduce stress. This is just what you need, if you think you don’t have time to do this workshop then you definitely need to do it!
First Relax & Be Workshop
Venue: The Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin
Date: Saturday 20th June
For more information and to book your place visit Relax & Be Workshops on The Biz Clinic’s website.

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