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Rewarding Employees can Positively affect Your Company’s Bottom Line

winwinWhile everyone agrees that happy employees are more productive employees, not all companies are prepared to invest time and money into ensuring employees are happy.  It’s a simple enough stratagem, but one which companies can ill afford to ignore, especially in these difficult times, says marketing guru James Lenehan, managing director of WIN WIN.


“Recession is an ugly word and it can spread discontentment, fear and anxiety amongst employees.  Couple that with a tightening economic marketplace and the dual effect of unsettled staff and slowing budget can result in downwardly shifting profit lines,” says Lenehan.  He argues that companies need to determine their objectives, plan the most effective route to rewarding key employee behaviour and productivity, and implement a programme that hits those buttons on a regular basis.  If the company cares then so too will the employees,” he says.


The effectiveness of a motivation programme can also be easily assessed according to Lenehan: employee turnover is reduced, higher job satisfaction is recorded in both formal and informal surveys and, most importantly, sales will rise.


With that in mind, I’m off to buy Danish pastries for elevenses to reward our hardworking office, and the one that brings in the most new business this week can even have two!


For more information on how to micro analysis your requirements and plan a step by step guide to happier employees, check out


After all, we’re worth it!

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