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Sarkozy’s Textual Intercourse

Sarkozy may be unique to the male species: he can multitask. When he visited the great and good in Irish Politics, he found time to text during his brief press conference. The familiar ‘text has arrived’ tinkle sounded several times during the conference and Sarkozy was unable to resist. This is not the first time he has multitasked.  Last December he did the same before an even more important head of state, the pontiff. On each occasion the speculation has been that he was texting his supermodel wife Carla Bruni. This distraction is so commonplace – the texting during meetings, not necessarily receiving texts from supermodels – that it has spawned a new term: textual intercourse.
Our tip is don’t do it. Certainly not during meetings.  It’s unlikely that you might answer a telephone call during a meeting, so why should a text be any different? It shows lack of attention to your fellow meeting colleagues at best and downright rudeness and disrespect at worst. Turn off your phone, not just to vibrate or silent at the start of a meeting. Unless you are literally expecting a baby or more mundanely to receive data pertinent to the meeting, then your phone should not be on.

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