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So who is this Mark Davidson guy?

Mark Davidson twitter hoaxLast week, we came across some very funny retweets: supposedly, someone had hijacked the Twitter account of social marketing specialist Mark Davidson. The impostor was one of his Twitter ghost writers, who (the story went) had just been fired by Davidson. And, guess what, he had forgotten to change his password so the disgruntled ex-employee was having a field day, spilling the beans about his former boss.

As we thought: this is just hilarious, who is this Mark Davidson guy? and blogs and papers picked on the story, some started questioning its veracity, or even if Davidson was a real person indeed.

As it turns out, Mark Davidson is indeed a real person but the story was a bit of fun. He claims he didn’t do it for the publicity (we might not believe him), he just likes to ‘spark conversations online’ and wanted to teach journalists a lesson: don’t believe everything you read. So what do you think?

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