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Spooky PR

Wicklow’s Historic Gaol and its monthly paranormal tours hit the headlines last week, as restless resident ghosts seemed to be upset by this ‘invasion of their privacy’ and started moving furniture – freaking out 30 tour attendees.

wicklow historic gaolThe group had to ask staff for help to get them out of what has been called a terrifying ordeal. One of the psychics running the scary night show said she was ‘nearly forced down’ the stairs during the tour.
One of the most haunted places in Ireland (according to Ghosthunters International), Wicklow Gaol is, as it happens, hosting a Halloween Fright Night. Tickets are selling fast, as people want to see the local ghosts in action first hand.
Spooky paranormal coincidence or clever Halloween PR campaign? the truth – as someone said- is out there. 

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