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What is a good PR story? Let’s rephrase that shall we? What is a good story? Period!

The essence of good public relations is good content. To be able to attract the interest of journalists and bloggers, your business must have news, stories to tell. Some businesses struggle to determine what would be considered ‘news’ in their organisation or separate what is news to you as a business owner and what is newsworthy and of public interest. […]

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PR antics: the not-so-good, the bad and the ugly

The not-so-good To some ad executives and business owners, having a gorgeous model for a product photoshoot might sound like jolly good idea and a guaranteed ticket into the papers. So far, so good. Surely no picturedesk would pay any attention to an ugly punter trying to sell ice cream, right? But is it really necessary to have Georgia Salpa […]

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