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The Big Picture

As the Electoral Campaign gets under way the streets of Ireland will be covered with quite amusing shots of the different candidates.

Some of them might be funny, others could be a touch scary and a moderate percentage will be just plainly hilarious. Judging by the pictures used in the campaigns, we are amazed people still get up on Election Day and actually vote.

Pictures are an extremely important part of your media message, be it an election campaign, a press release, a launch or a company announcement. The quality of your picture might mean the difference between your story getting published (if the picture is a good one) or not (if the shot provided is not up to scratch). Pictures support your story, so they shouldn’t let you down.

-Good quality is essential. Clarity is the main issue but this also include every person in the picture looking reasonably normal (no closed eyes, strange postures and similar)

-They must be adapted to the different media (high resolution versions for print, lower resolution for online publications)

-They must be adapted to the story (head and shoulders are ideal for Appointment pieces but environmental or action shots are better for press releases and features)

-Self shots might be good enough for a website news item or blog, but they are rarely used by national media.

Click here to read some useful picture tips compiled by The Sunday Business Post Technology editor, Adrian Weckler.

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