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The Ultimate Job shortlisted for 2010 Irish Web Awards

Irish wedding and honeymoon company Runaway Bride and has been shortlisted for this year’s Irish Web Awards in the Best Social Media category for its unique Ultimate Job in Ireland- and probably the World! campaign.

The campaign, created to launch Runaway Bride and Groom and run in association with the Irish Times, combined the efforts of Zara Stassin of niche travel company Zara’s Planet, Jillian Godsil of Public Relations agency Practice PR and Events and Event Planner Rosemarie Meleady of The Wedding Planner.

To apply for the Ultimate Job, applicants needed to produce and upload a 80-second video application highlighting, as well as write 200 words telling the world about their favourite location in Ireland.

The ‘Job’ involved travelling for six months testing and reviewing the luxurious wedding and honeymoon venues and destinations across the world with your romantically linked partner as your assistant! And €20,000 salary.

From the launch date of 19th February, in the space of 6 weeks, there were 15 million hits to the website and over a quarter of a million visitors from 98 countries (mostly from Ireland and the US). Thousands of applications were received from across the globe, including UK, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, US, Brazil, Romania, Denmark, Philippines and China.

The Ultimate Job of ‘The Honeymoon Testers’ was unanimously awarded to Mark and Denise Duffield Thomas, from the UK and Australia, after a challenge weekend in Kinsale, Co. Cork. Mark and Denise are currently travelling the world, writing for the Irish Times Go magazine and blogging their experiences at as their Ultimate Job comes to an end in mid-November.

Runaway Bride and Groom hopes to launch The Ultimate Job in the World – the Quest to Find their Successors’ in 2011.

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