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Top 50 candidates to Ultimate Job in Ireland revealed

The names and countries of the top 50 candidates to the Ultimate Job in Ireland – and probably the world, organised by and The Irish Times, have been revealed.

Since The Ultimate Job in Ireland (And Probably the World) was launched in February, the website has received over 250,000 visitors and over 30,000 people from all over the globe wanted to become Ireland’s Runaway Bride and Groom.

The Ultimate Job in Ireland team received applications from Ireland, Moldova, Sudan, Nepal Romania, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Australia, UK, Scotland, USA, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, China, Korea, Taiwan, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Japan, Iceland, Malaysia, Sweden, Mexico, India, Turkey, Brazil, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, India, Saudi Arabia, Montenegro, Bosnia H., Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Cape Verde, Israel, Czech Republic, Norway, France, Dubai, Portugal, Singapore, Denmark, New Zealand, Poland, Ecuador, Jamaica, Malaysia, Columbia, Indonesia, Iceland, Maldives, Pakistan, Luxemburg, Philippines, Bolivia, Trinidad, Jordan, France, Estonia, Hungary,  St Martin French West Indie, Bulgaria, Finland, Thailand – all telling the judges why they think Ireland would make a great wedding destination.

“We are amazed by the quality of the entries. Unfortunately, we had to narrow it down to 50, in our quest to find the perfect couple for the Ultimate Job in Ireland,” says Rosemarie Meleady, managing director of Runaway Bride and Groom.

Public voting for the 50 finalists will be open until 18th April 2010.

Go to and vote for your favourite!

Top 50 Applicants:

Adam West, Ireland

Aisling Keenan, Ireland

Allan Niamh Mulrooney-O’Connor, Ireland

Annie Griswold, USA

Brendan Powell, Canada

Carey Paris, USA

Charlie O’Donoghue, Ireland

Chris Edmed, UK

Ciara McAree, Ireland

Claudia Ma, Italy

Creona O’Connor, Ireland

Daniella Cambouroglou, UK/Greece

Dave Mottershead, South Africa/Brazil

David Gilbert, Ireland

Deborah Waugh, Ireland/New Zealand

Deirdre Cussen, Ireland

Deirdre Morrissey, Ireland

Deirdre Ryan, Ireland

Denise Duffield Thomas, UK/Australia

Denise O Riordan, Ireland

Edith Kwiatkowska, Poland

Elaine Mackenzie-Smith, Ireland

Elizabeth & Ray Maynez, USA

Filly Gaines, USA

Greg and Sarah Amidon, USA

Guo Yi & Jean Gagnon, China/Canada

Ian Taylor, Ireland

Keith Clinansmith, Canada

Kerri Mc Guinnes, USA

Laura Kavanagh, Ireland/UK

Leticia Torgo,   Brazil

Lizzie Kinross, UK/Ireland

Lukas Manka, Czech Republic/USA

Luke Owens, Ireland/Germany

Mark & Hazel Esguerra, Philipines

Mary Jane Webberley, Ireland

Oonagh & Danny good/Denton, Ireland

Phylecia Sutherland, USA/UK

Rachel O Connell, Ireland

Rachel Wegner, USA

Sara Schousboe, Germany/Denmark/USA

Scot Witman, USA

Seth & Jenny, USA

Silvia Bonichini, Italy

Sinead Gillett, Ireland

Stephen Fullerton, Northern Ireland

Tara Sparlin, Ireland

Tim Oliphant, USA

Tudor Buzie, Romania

Valerie Hourigan, Ireland

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