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Trash Your Wedding Dress is looking for brides to Trash Their Dress for Charity


Forget the acid free paper or the special dry cleaning, it’s time to pull your wedding dress from the back of the wardrobe and get trashed for charity!


The Wedding Planner is looking for willing fun loving newly weds to enter a unique wedding dress photo session.


“We’re looking for post wedding girls and couples to jump back into their wedding garb again and put it through the paces – swimming in it, wearing it on horseback, rolling  around the beach in it and generally have great fun, while we have professional photographers click away to record the session,” explains Rosemarie Meleady of


“Basically we are setting up Trash the Dress sessions in aid of the very worthy charity Sightsavers International. Each bride will be asked to raise a minimum €300 for the charity to participate in this great event. It only costs €25 to give one person the gift of sight through a cataract operation, so by sacrificing their dress from the best day of their lives, each bride will be giving 12 people the best day of their lives – the day they have their sight restored. In return, the post-bride will have fabulous unique photos to remember the day by. The husbands too can join in the session (a minimum amount of €550 applies to couples).”



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