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Why are we aghast at Monica’s payout?

Just because we’re in PR, does not mean that we automatically support Monica. Just because we happen to be an office staffed by women does not mean that we automatically support Monica. Just because we are all collectively supporting our partners and families does not automatically mean we support Monica.
But, I do for a number of reasons. Firstly, it all goes back to the gender issue. If Monica were a man, no story.  If Martin were a woman and Monica were a man, still I reckon no story. People do work with other people based on relationships and sex isn’t the only reason to keep on giving business again and again. Think of all the old boy networks operating around the country. People give business and contracts to other people because they trust them and know they will get the job done. 
Secondly, her business was trashed as a result. PR is also about reputation and hers was shattered. What is worse, it was shattered in a very nasty, small town fashion. Again, I have to go back to gender. If Monica were a man, she would not have been treated in this fashion. Period.
Finally, while the sum seems excessive, I do think we should put this into perspective. Her counterpart in this story is a man who, as minister, spent some €40 million of tax payer’s money on the failed eVoting machines. There has been no punishment, vigilante or otherwise, against his actions. No sanctions on his career or financial restrictions on his income and pensions.
I think we all need a bit of perspective.

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