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If you observe carefully paintings and idols of Deities inIndia, female idols are always on left hand side of the male idol. You can also observe in temples that woman deity is placed on left had side of the male deity. Apparently this is all down to the left and right hand side of the brain, the right being perceived as more masculine.

So too in medieval times, the woman was always on the left, this time so that the man could more easily withdraw his sword from his scabbard to protect her from sworn enemies.

But in twitterland, the woman on the left was trending last week for very different reasons. Hugh Grant was giving a great performance at the Leveson enquiry set up to investigate phone hacking in the News of the World. He spoke very well and then launched a blistering attack on the Mail on Sunday for doing the same. This was all great fodder for news hacks and interested viewers. Or so you’d think!

Instead all interest focused instead on a woman, to the left, who seemed utterly star struck by the crusading Mr Grant. So much so that the hash tag began trending and she was outed by her name, Facebook page and Twitter account. From being an observer, albeit starry eyed, she became tabloid fodder. Ironic we are happy to condemn the press for not respecting privacy and yet we decide to ‘out- tabloid’ them on Twitter. We wonder if she has changed her mobile phone password…???

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