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My Watch is Trending on Twitter

This morning was my debut appearance on IrelandAM’s book club and we were discussing City of Bohane by Kevin Barry. It was a great experience and I met three very different people, strangers, who were gathered together to talk about the book.

Ok, I have to confess now that I spoke about the book as if everyone had already read it. I was engaging in typical book club commentary. So if you have not as yet read the book, City of Bohane, do not read on, do not look at my clip on TV3 and do not follow me on Twitter!

Yes, I spilled the guts of the story on television. The book is a tragic-comedy. The hero, or perhaps the anti-hero, loses everything in the end: his wife, control of the city and even some of his trusted friends. There, I’ve said it. You should have read the book before you joined my own little book club! That will teach you to be lazy and only half read the book before you come for the chat!

I wonder will I be asked again? Maria, who is the other half of Practice PR, has just said I am the worst book reviewer, EVER. And she’s not joking. I said she would read the book for the language alone, but she is not convinced.

Then in another twist of fate, I appeared on Twitter but not for my book spoiling techniques. The cameraman very kindly used a close up of me holding the book as a promotional shot. I was holding the book and it was clear to see. So too was my rather large watch. Oh? Yes, you are right, I forgot to mention my ample cleavage was front and centre of the shot. I almost missed that.

Of course, some of my Twitter friends did not. One kind sir (and you know who you are @SimonPRepublic*) posted a Twitpic of said shot. Next minute, everyone was talking about my large watch. Someone thought it might belong to Georgia Salpa. I can see a new career for me now, a TV Double for Ms Salpa’s watch, nice work if I can get it. Another observer thought the cameraman had picked that shot to prove that glamour models can read too. I was going to suggest that intellectual women have breasts too, but given that I gave away the plot, twice, I can only muse rather lamely that women have breasts too.

As I am always on the look out of ways of making money and saving my bacon, I have decided to launch a new premium rate TV programme, called #BabesReadBooks it will feature hot ladies reading intellectual books. What can I say? It’s bound to be a sure fire winner!

The Money Shot  (this is the funny shot)

IrelandAM Bookclub  (this is the actual TV clip)

*When @SimonPRepublic posted the Money Shot he had no idea it was me. I just happened to spot it and told him the watch belonged to me!

  1. Over 40 – check, reading skills – check, sense of humour – check, intellect – check, great figure – check, big watch – I know that watch!!! – no check:)))

    4/5 pretty good JG – Ms Salpa – no competition!! xx